Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Long time coming...

Last night, my middle son Thomas stopped by to see me. Always a nice thing when your grown children just drop by to say, hey!

As we were talking and catching up on things, I decided to tell him that I had started a blog and and asked if he wanted to look it over. Of course he did. Such a dutiful son you might think, but I knew he was very curious and suprised.

It was amazing to watch him read and smile. Then he lifted his head and tilted it ever so slightly, and said, "so you have found a place for them." He was referring to all those things I had written long ago and put in journals, and on pieces of paper and tucked away in a boxes.  You see, back in the day, I wrote alot, and shared these things with a few of my close friends on very rare occasions. But my middle son, Thomas, was my witness to all of my writings. He inspired much of it, as did my other sons Joshua and Timothy.  And so many of my friends and family.

You see, these things I have written, have sat lying in wait for a long time, for just the right time. And maybe this is it. A long time coming, so to speak.

So here is my written thoughts on writing, that was put into words a  long time ago.

All About Me...

Iv'e written before, in a time that seems past, only a few know that.
As I answer the call to write, at long last.

The pen and the paper, will show in the ages, when my time here, is recorded on pages.
Just when my life, has reached the right stages.

A holder of poems, and riddles and rhymes, that don't seem to be mine,
are released so perfectly, at just the right time.

I will be a world traveler, though I stay in one place.
It's the things that I write, that will run the good race,
while the image of me that is seen, will leave but a trace.

So how do I see hope in this task you might ask?,
It's know my purpose for writing, at long last.

It's been a long time coming.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Have you ever been so full of something? Anything?

After weeks of thought about how to begin blogging. I drew a blank.

You see, I haven't a grand journey set before me to write about. And no extraordinary past to put into words either. So that left me with the present.

With my fingers held just high enough above the keyboard, to keep from typing just anything that I might be thinking. There were my hands, shaking. I absolutely had no idea what I should name this blog, or even write about. Then I remembered that some time ago, I used to write things that would just come to me. Sometimes silly things, fun things and maybe a few thought provoking things. Maybe I should start there. At least it sounds like a good idea now. Guess we will see, as this progresses.

Now I am sitting here thinking out loud to myself, that this could be ugly. Sorta like when you put too many different spices in the chili, and when you finally sit down to eat, it is such an overload to the taste, that you just want to spit it out.

So I think it best to keep it simple, for now. Facts are usually simple, right?

Here are the facts just about me:

1. No formal education here, just the average high school diploma. Yeah.

2. English was not my best subject in school, doodling at the edges of the paper was much more fun. I forgot to mention, grammar was a mystery to me, and still is.

3. I love run on sentences, it's like the recess of writing.

4. My spelling is awful at times, but I can usually get my thoughts across anyway.

5. Writing things that rhyme, make me feel balanced

*You have been warned in advance.

So full of this, So full of that comes from a silly thing I wrote about a long time ago. And it started with a childhood memory, something like this:

While attending many church meeting with my Grandmother. I recall seeing older women wearing the most strange and unusual hats. It was a mystery to me, being a child, as to why there were all these things , on their hats. Almost as if it was some kind of collection of valuables they were keeping, right there for all to see, on top of their heads. Much like a crown, of sorts.  But, of course, I never asked why, but always thought about those unusual hats.

Mattie's Hat
The bric-a-brac of Mattie's hat,
so full of this, so full of that.
Flowers, tinsel, and ribborn worn.
Bows and bobbles, and lace thats torn.
Worn with pride, and placed with care,
a Royals crown, was no more fair.
Than the bric-a-brac of Mattie's hat.
So full of this, so full of that.