Monday, April 19, 2010

A parti in my bed...

Not this kind of party.

Well, let me explain

I have thought long and hard about what makes me happy, and laugh out loud consistently. Not talking about the occasional brief moment, that just refreshes and then quickly fades. And forgotten just as quickly.

This is about those things that happen in just a moment, but the joy lingers. The laughter rekindles throughout the day, and puts a smile on my face that no one else quite understands.
It starts out like this.....

It's usually early morning, around the same time every day.Seventhirty'ish or so,
the blankets start moving. Slowly of course, to begin. It's time for everyone to wake up....

The blankets are pulled this way, then that. Just little tugs at first.
Now I am starting to get serious, because it's time to get down to business, as far as I am concerned.
You see, I don't have to much time in the morning to be playing around. Work to be done, etc...

Thats when all the fooling around begins.

I prop a pillow perfectly in place, and teasingly it's pulled away and tossed on the floor.

I pull the sheets up, they are immediatly pulled down.

Then the giggling starts in, and things get really out of control. Now comes the "Stop that!", "Give me this.", "Let me have that." and "You are in so much trouble." and so on..

And as quickly as it all started, it's over.

I throw my arms over my head, just as it hits the bed in exhaustion.  And I sigh.
My laughter then starts to fill the room, I am rewarded with kisses all over my face.

It's the affection of "Fancy" and "Suitor", my two black and white Parti Schnauzers.

You see, every morning without fail. I make my bed. And somehow they have seemed to turn it into a game that they enjoy very much. Being schnauzers, they are determined that I will not make them jump off the bed, the whole time I am trying to make it. Even physically removing them, results in a fast as lightening leap right back on it.

I get so tickled by it all. And I am sure it is funnier to see, than to read about. Kinda the reason for the angle to this story.

This is what makes me laugh out loud, each and every day.


Judy said...

For while I'm thinking, a party in bed? whoopee! You go Jack! I knew it was the dogs all along. Miss you guys, but the adventure is just beginning. Keep blogging. I like it!

Timothy said...

These are really good mom, keep it up. Writing can be very therapeutic, as well as instrumental, in dealing with this jungle we call "every-day life".

Love you

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