Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trying to fast forward

Having a day off from work can be such a blessing. Much needed rest and relaxation, and a little bit of writing perhaps,..... right?

After my one and a half cups of coffee ( I am allowed only that much, I prefer to drink it all day) , I depart to my back patio to have some quiet time to sit and maybe try to blog a little. After settling in my chair , I turn my radio on to one of my favorite stations and set about the business of enjoying my day, my way.
It's a beautiful morning after all. The sun is shining brightly, and the birds are singing. All the while my adorable dogs are playing.... and just as I begin to think how fortunate I am to have such a day for just me and what I want to do.... I hear the buzzzzzzzing.... much like the sound of a 747 diving straight at me... it's the wood boring bees. Its a common problem here, living in a wood sided house.
I can handle this, just let me get my faithful swatter and get back to my day, my way.

Well, it seems that sometime between last summer and now, i have misplaced my favorite swatter. It's so cute too. It has a big fake flower in pinks and yellow on it. I bought it purposely to keep it from looking too much like an instrument of destruction. Appearances are everything on my patio. You will find out more about my patio later.

Note to self, get new swatter. And surely one bee can't be that distracting you would think? Well it truley wasn't, it was the other 20 or 30 that showed up in just minutes.  Buzzing all around the patio, maybe they didn't like my music selection. Turning the radio off in the hopes they, the intruders in to my day, would just fly away and go find some flowers or something else to bother. It was then that out of the corner of my eye.... I seen flashes of fur running at top speed, leaping high in the air..... "Oh my!" came out of my mouth as I shot from my chair... the dogs were chasing the bees, and trying to eat them, and at the same time the bees were chasing the dogs. And I, the dutiful owner of these dogs, was defenseless. No instrument of destruction with in reach, only my laptop, and my cell phone.
All too valuable to waste trying to swat at bees, and probably useless.
This was a no win situation, so calling the dogs inside and grabbing my things, we retreated to the indoors. So back to trying to write a few lines anyway.

Settling down to write, for the second time today and wouldn't you know it. The phone rings, answer that call, then the puppies start fighting. Take care of that. Manfriend is home for lunch, and I need to use his vehicle to do some banking, and have to take him to work, drop him off, then off to do the banking, and then surely, I will have time to write.

Well, to make the rest of this entry much shorter than it actually played out, I spent most of the afternoon trying to get from place to place, with a vehicle that would refuse to start, unless I gave it a 10 minute rest between stops. Talk about a fickle truck.
It's now time to pick up manfriend ( I know it sounds silly, but I have trouble calling him my boyfriend, significant other or that guy I'm living with) and help fix supper, laundry and all those dutiful, time consuming things one does... then eat.

Now its time to feed the dogs, and take a shower. By now exhaustion has set in, and I say goodnight and go watch a movie,or at least the first 10 minutes before falling asleep.

This was my day yesterday.. and it didn't go my way.

Oh yeah, today is almost a rerun of yesterday.. I'm trying to fast forward to a better day, to write something interesting ..


Judy said...

I want videos of your life. We have those bees too. Someday our house will just crumble after they get done drilling into it.

Life does get in the way most of the time.

Teresa said...

guess I should appreciate the days that go great, huh? Honestly I do most of the time.

Mike said...

Teresa, a old tennis racket or, even better, a racket ball racket will enable you to terminate those destructive bees with extreme prejudice. As Mel Gibson said in "Signs"..."swing away."

Teresa said...

Thats funny. Just didn't have a racket, of any kind, laying around.. actually haven't had one around since I was 20 something. But will put it on my list of things to keep handy, that such an event might happen again.

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