Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Path of Words

This is a little something I wrote a long time ago. Even entered it in a contest.
Didn't win, of course, but felt some accomplishment in just entering.

It was the first time I ever let anyone read anything I have written, that I didn't know.

I was so afraid that someone might say. "Oh my", how horrible. Or maybe something even worse, and it would just devastate me to the point I would never write again..... that would be how I would handle it, back then.

But now, being a little older, and hopefully wiser, I will just step over something like that, just like you step over a bump in your path.

A Path Of Words

While embracing each moment, like a life that is new.
Search out the things that were spoken, before you.

And you'll know it is wisdom to look to the past.
To see what time reveals, as to the things that will last.

For surely it's moved men thoughout all the ages.
And brought strength to the people, in history's pages.

It's the hint of something of value worth saving.
In the stream of mere voices, and all they're saying.

That which brings peace to the chaos for many a nation.
While all around hatred, and anger still rages.

In looking you'll see a clear path that's unbroken.
Formed by the words of hope, already spoken.


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